I looked upon the pale and lifeless face
Then asked myself “Who is this corpse I see?
And how came we to both be in this place?”
As yet I did not know this corpse was me

My slowly turning brain asked “Where are we?”
“At home,” I thought, “And standing at a sink”
It was a mirror, I began to see
With propositions slow, I tried to think

I strained to chain the logic link by link
A mirror meant reflections were in sight
The corpse was me, but corpses could not blink
And yet, those eyes held nothing of my light

So not my corpse, this apparition white
But like a fairy tale’s enchanted glass
An image that spoke of my dire plight
The same danger that made my mind’s morass

The ghastly sight of what had come to pass
Whispered a truth I did not want to face
I’d been within the reach of death’s cold grasp
When blood and tears did hoped-for life displace

Though doctors saved me from the grave’s embrace
The pale reflection still filled me with dread
I’d lost so much I got lost in my space
With thoughts so slow I did not know my head

My tapestry of thoughts was just a thread
I gazed upon a shell where I should be
I poked the face that looked like it was dead
A flicker of my curiosity

That flicker said something remained of me
But that small spark of hope was hard to hold
The haunting scene screamed my fragility
As o’er and o’er flashbacks this story told

But it is time this story is retold
Not told as if this was the final scene
It sets the stage for what will yet unfold
With hints that there is more still to be seen

Not told with some trite moralistic sheen
As if the point is to inspire someone
Or tell of lessons anyone can glean
If they just smile as their life comes undone

Not told as just a campfire story spun
As if the horror were instead a thrill
Not told as if there was no damage done
No more deserving tears than a milk spill

So how instead should I take up my quill?
The sequence of events remains the same
I saw a corpse in the mirror, but still
There are interpretations to reframe

I want a tale of how I overcame
Of how the corpse remembered its alive
Even if I will never be the same
I was resilient enough to survive.